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# Subject Posted On Extras Details
1 FOR SALE: Luna cocoons 01/22/2018 Details
2 FOR SALE: Pupae from Cameroon 01/20/2018 Details
3 FOR SALE: live butterfly pupae 01/18/2018 Details
4 WANT TO BUY: Callosamia Promethea 01/18/2018 Details
5 FOR SALE: Hemileuca nuttalli ova 01/18/2018 Details
6 FOR SALE: Imperial pupae 01/17/2018 Details
7 WANT TO BUY: A. Atropos or Papilio Lowi 01/17/2018 Details
8 EBAY: Our Ebay Shop Is Open 01/16/2018 Details
9 FOR SALE: COCOONS 01/15/2018 Details
10 FOR SALE: COCOONS 01/15/2018 Details
11 BEST OFFER FOR: R.verecunda and S.jonasii.f 01/14/2018 small camera icon Details
12 FOR SALE: Butterfly & Moth Pupae 01/14/2018 Details
13 FOR SALE: Gonimbrazia zambesina pupae 01/14/2018 Details
14 FOR SALE: Sphinx pinastri - pupae F1 01/14/2018 Details
15 WANT TO BUY: promethea, angulifera 01/11/2018 Details
16 WANT TO BUY: Ascalapha odorata, Eupackardia 01/10/2018 Details
17 FOR SALE: Philippine butterfly pupae 01/10/2018 Details
18 FOR SALE: unknown Periphoba species 01/09/2018 small camera icon Details
19 FOR SALE: Catocala jessica ova 01/07/2018 Details
20 WANT TO BUY: Euryalus & Gloveri Hyalophora 01/04/2018 small camera icon Details
21 FOR SALE: US Saturniids 01/03/2018 Details
22 FOR SALE: Wild Callosamia promethea 01/03/2018 Details
23 FOR SALE: Arizona cocoons 01/02/2018 Details
24 FOR SALE: Samia Canningi Thailand 01/02/2018 small camera icon Details
25 FOR SALE: Attacus Atlas cocoons Thailand 01/02/2018 small camera icon Details
26 FOR SALE: Live Pupae Philippines 01/02/2018 Details
27 FOR SALE: Spicebush Swallowtails (Trade) 01/01/2018 Details
28 FOR SALE: Tiger Swallowtails (or Trade) 01/01/2018 Details
29 FOR SALE: H. CECROPIA COCOONS (or trade) 01/01/2018 Details
30 FOR SALE: A. LUNA COCOONS (or trade) 01/01/2018 Details
31 FOR SALE: live butterfly pupae 01/01/2018 Details
32 WANT TO BUY: Pine imperial moth pupae 12/31/2017 Details
33 FOR SALE: Automeris Io cocoons 12/29/2017 Details
34 FOR SALE: Hyles euphorbiae vandalusica 12/29/2017 Details
35 WANT TO BUY: Overwintering cocoons 12/28/2017 Details
36 FOR SALE: lepidoptera for sale free post 12/27/2017 Details
37 FOR SALE: Philippine butterfly pupae 12/27/2017 Details
38 BEST OFFER FOR: S.japonica arisana eggs(TW) 12/27/2017 small camera icon Details
39 FOR SALE: Samia canningi 12/26/2017 Details
40 FOR SALE: Daphnis nerii pupae 12/24/2017 Details
41 FOR SALE: Saturnia cepahalariae cocoons 12/24/2017 Details
42 FOR SALE: Live butterfly pupae 12/23/2017 Details
43 FOR SALE: Philippine butterfly pupae 12/23/2017 Details
44 FOR SALE: Regal and Imperial 12/22/2017 Details
45 FOR SALE: Philippine butterfly pupae 12/21/2017 Details
46 FOR SALE: Supplier from Philippines 12/21/2017 Details
47 FOR SALE: Moths cocoons from Asia 12/09/2017 Details
48 FOR SALE: Attacus Atlas cocoons Diapause 11/19/2017 small camera icon Details
49 FOR SALE: Moths Cocoons 11/15/2017 Details
50 BEGINNER BREEDER 11/07/2017 Details
51 BEST OFFER FOR: Saturnia pyretorum cocoon(TW) 10/02/2017 small camera icon Details
52 WANT TO BUY: Hyalophora columbia columbia 09/13/2017 small camera icon Details
53 BEST OFFER FOR: S.japonica arisana cocoon(TW) 09/01/2017 small camera icon Details
54 BEST OFFER FOR: Saturniidae eggs from Taiwan 07/21/2017 small camera icon Details

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