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# Subject Posted On Extras Details
2 FOR SALE: More R. orizaba ova for sale 05/27/2017 Details
3 FOR SALE: Pachysphinx occodentalis eggs 05/27/2017 small camera icon Details
4 WANT TO BUY: Various moth eggs/pupa 05/26/2017 Details
5 FOR SALE: Aglia tau pupae - even trade 05/26/2017 Details
6 FOR SALE: Promethea Moth Egg 05/25/2017 Details
7 BEST OFFER FOR: Samia cynthia ova 05/25/2017 Details
8 FOR SALE: 1st instar luna caterpillars 05/25/2017 Details
9 FOR SALE: SC wild luna egga 05/25/2017 Details
10 FOR SALE: Marumba Quercus 05/25/2017 Details
11 FOR SALE: Deilephila elpenor - pupae 05/25/2017 small camera icon Details
12 FOR SALE: Aglia tau - pupae 05/25/2017 small camera icon Details
13 FOR SALE: live butterfly pupae 05/25/2017 Details
14 FOR SALE: Callosamia promethea eggs 05/24/2017 Details
15 FOR SALE: Hyalaphora cecropia wild eggs 05/24/2017 Details
16 Actias luna eggs 05/24/2017 Details
17 FOR SALE: Luehdorfia japonica pupae 05/24/2017 small camera icon Details
18 FOR SALE: Hyalophora cecropia ova 05/24/2017 Details
19 WANT TO BUY: Saturniid cocoons 05/24/2017 Details
20 FOR SALE: Antheraeae polyphemus wild ova 05/23/2017 Details
21 FOR SALE: samia cynthia ricini L1 05/23/2017 Details
22 Caligo memnon eggs 05/22/2017 Details
23 FOR SALE: Actias Dubernadi eggs 05/22/2017 Details
24 WANT TO BUY: Dryocampa rubicunda 05/21/2017 Details
25 FOR SALE: Hyalaphora columbia eggs 05/20/2017 Details
26 FOR SALE: Cecropia Ova 05/20/2017 Details
27 FOR SALE: Actias luna ova 05/19/2017 Details
28 FOR SALE: Papilio zelicon eggs *wild* 05/19/2017 small camera icon Details
29 FOR SALE: Ceratomia undulosa eggs 05/19/2017 Details
30 FOR SALE: SALE! S. ricini cocoons 05/19/2017 Details
31 WANT TO BUY: Lymantria mathura 05/19/2017 Details
32 WANT TO BUY: birdwing butterflys 05/18/2017 Details
33 FOR SALE: Actias dubernardi eggs 05/18/2017 Details
34 EBAY: Update store 05/18/2017 small camera icon Details
35 FOR SALE: North Amer. Saturniidae eggs 05/18/2017 Details
36 FOR SALE: Actias dubernardi eggs 05/18/2017 Details
37 FOR SALE: Latest livestock lists 05/18/2017 Details
38 BEST OFFER FOR: Actias heterogyna eggs (TW) 05/18/2017 small camera icon Details
39 FOR SALE: Hyles lineata F0 pupae 05/17/2017 small camera icon Details
40 FOR SALE: 1st Instar Luna Caterpillars 05/17/2017 Details
41 WANT TO BUY: Native automeris eggs 05/16/2017 Details
42 FOR SALE: Langia Zenzeroides ova larvae 05/16/2017 Details
43 FOR SALE: Fresh Luna moth eggs 05/16/2017 Details
44 FOR SALE: Live Pupae Philippines 05/16/2017 Details
45 FOR SALE: H. Cecropia Ova 05/16/2017 Details
46 FOR SALE: Pericalia matronulla 05/15/2017 Details
47 FOR SALE: Arctia hebe 05/15/2017 small camera icon Details
48 FOR SALE: Pupae butteflies of Costa Rica 05/14/2017 small camera icon Details
49 FOR SALE: Bombyx mori pupae 05/14/2017 Details
50 FOR SALE: Antheraea POLYPHEMUS ova 05/14/2017 Details
51 FOR SALE: Promethea Cocoons 05/14/2017 Details
52 BEST OFFER FOR: L.zenzeroides.f eggs(sold out) 05/13/2017 small camera icon Details
53 FOR SALE: A. POLYPHEMUS OVA. 05/13/2017 Details
54 FOR TRADE: Luna moth eggs for trade only 05/13/2017 Details
55 FOR TRADE: A. Luna eggs 05/13/2017 Details
56 FOR TRADE: Luna eggs 05/13/2017 Details
57 FOR SALE: H. columbia (gloveri) ova 05/13/2017 small camera icon Details
58 WANT TO BUY: Citheronia regalis 05/13/2017 Details
59 FOR SALE: Cecropia eggs 05/12/2017 small camera icon Details
60 FOR SALE: Cecropia eggs 05/12/2017 Details
61 FOR SALE: Western Tussock Moth Eggs 05/12/2017 small camera icon Details
62 FOR SALE: Samia cynthia L2 caterpillars 05/12/2017 Details
63 WANT TO BUY: Parnassius eggs 05/11/2017 Details
64 WANT TO BUY: Papilio machaon BAIRDII pupae 05/11/2017 Details
65 FOR SALE: A. POLYPHEMUS EGGS 05/11/2017 Details
66 FOR SALE: Cecropia eggs 05/11/2017 small camera icon Details
67 WANT TO BUY: Citheronia regalis ova 05/10/2017 Details
68 FOR SALE: Antheraea Polyphemus Ova 05/09/2017 Details
69 FOR SALE: FRESH LUNA COCOONS 05/09/2017 Details
70 FOR SALE: Luna moth eggs 05/09/2017 Details
71 FOR SALE: Papilio zelicaon eggs 05/09/2017 small camera icon Details
72 FOR SALE: Hyles sammuti 05/09/2017 small camera icon Details
73 FOR SALE: pupa 05/08/2017 small camera icon Details
74 FOR SALE: Cecropia moth cocoons 05/08/2017 Details
75 FOR SALE: NEW ARRIVALS OF MOTHS 05/08/2017 Details
76 FOR SALE: Luna moth ova 05/07/2017 Details
77 FOR SALE: Callosamia promethea Cocoons! 05/07/2017 Details
78 FOR SALE: Deilephila elpenor eggs 05/07/2017 small camera icon Details
79 FOR SALE: Samia ricini cocoons 05/06/2017 Details
80 FOR SALE: Luna moth eggs 05/04/2017 Details
81 WANT TO BUY: Luna Moth Cocoons 05/04/2017 Details
82 WANT TO BUY: Attention BUTTERFLY breeders 05/04/2017 Details
83 WANT TO BUY: Larvae/Pupae 05/03/2017 Details
84 FOR SALE: Papilio Machaon poupae 05/03/2017 Details
85 FOR SALE: Saturniidae cocoons 05/03/2017 Details
86 FOR SALE: Luna moth eggs 05/02/2017 Details
87 FOR SALE: Dendrolimus pini eggs 05/01/2017 Details
88 BEST OFFER FOR: Hyalophora cecropia eggs 05/01/2017 Details
89 FOR SALE: HYALOPHORA CECROPIA COCOONS 05/01/2017 small camera icon Details
90 FOR SALE: Saturnia pyri eggs 04/30/2017 Details
91 FOR SALE: Luna moth (Saturniid) egg sale 04/30/2017 Details
92 BAD TRADE WITH: Asimwe John Barirega 04/30/2017 Details
93 FOR SALE: Cecropia eggs 04/29/2017 small camera icon Details
94 MISSING TRADER: John Barirega (Uganda) 04/29/2017 Details
95 FOR SALE: Actias luna ova 04/28/2017 Details
96 FOR SALE: More Actias Luna Ova 04/27/2017 Details
97 EBAY: RARE Euphaedra species 04/27/2017 small camera icon Details
98 FOR SALE: one live luna moth 04/24/2017 small camera icon Details
99 BAD TRADE WITH: Marcin Grądal - UPDATE! 04/23/2017 Details
100 WANT TO BUY: Papilio species 04/07/2017 Details
101 BAD TRADE WITH: Hai Yan Qi 04/01/2017 Details
102 FOR SALE: Asian Butterflies 03/28/2017 Details
103 BEST OFFER FOR: L.zenzeroides.f eggs(sold out) 03/28/2017 small camera icon Details
104 BEST OFFER FOR: P.cervina formosana eggs 03/26/2017 small camera icon Details
105 FOR SALE: Atropos and Lachesis 03/21/2017 Details
106 FOR SALE: live Parnassius from Tibet 03/19/2017 Details
107 FOR SALE: Asian Moths 03/19/2017 Details
108 WANT TO BUY: Luna moth cocoons 03/15/2017 Details
109 FOR TRADE: Nymphalidae from Asia 03/09/2017 Details
110 FOR SALE: Papilio from Asia 03/09/2017 Details
111 FOR SALE: Moths from Asia 03/06/2017 Details
112 FOR SALE: Fresh Parnassius from Tibet 03/06/2017 Details
113 BAD TRADE WITH: Be careful with Javier Marin 03/02/2017 Details
114 WANT TO BUY: Citheronia regalis Regal Moth 03/01/2017 Details
115 WANT TO BUY: Hornworm pupa 03/01/2017 Details
116 FOR SALE: Large Wild Polyphemus Cocoons 02/03/2017 Details

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