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FOR SALE: Dry insects for sale

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Date Posted: 01/09/2018
Expires On: 02/08/2018
Ad Number: 42227
Posting IP: (Country: CM)

Ad Information
Category: Coleoptera
Subcategories: Deadstock
Dear friends i have the following insects for sale many rare invovle
10 Piece Prosopocera Heirogyna Hitzingeri =450dollars
2 Prosopocera ochropyga lucia =75 dollars
1 Prosopocera heirogyna pransina =20dollars
1 Procopocera alphitopola thomsoni rare.= 40ollars
1 pair Prosopocera schoutedeni =35 dollars
1 xenaderus janus=20dollars
2 prosopocera albovestita=30
2 neoclosterus lujai =12dollars
1 neclosterus cuvipes = 4 dollars
1plectogaster mirabilis rare =30dollas
8 sternotomis bohemania =24dollars
12 males chelorrihna polyphemus 5 females =30dollars
4 pairs decolorrihna micans =20dollars
20 males eudicella morgani camerounensis=30dollars
5 males megalorrihna harrissi red prutonium. =8 dollars
3 phryeneta liprosa=2dollars
3 calocrominidaae = 7dollars
14 monochamus, species =20dollars
2 phyrenata coaca= 6dollars
3 zographus regalis =2eru
3 neoplocaderus nitidipennis =15dollar
1 eustera .= 5 dollars
about 10 large males of Augosoma centaurus , PAYMENT UPON RECEPTION
Contact Information
Contact: john likenye
Yaounde , Center
E-Mail: alphaentomology@gmail.com
Web Site:

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