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Date Posted: 12/03/2017
Expires On: 01/02/2018
Ad Number: 41750
Posting IP: (Country: RU)

Ad Information
Category: Lepidoptera
Subcategories: Deadstock
From Eurasia and North America.

Price-list on request by email.

Parnassius honrathi chaiticus
P. apollonius aphrodite
P. apollonius poseidon
P. apollonius aulieataensis
P. apollonius alpinus
P. apollonius daubi
P. bremeri bremeri
P. bremeri jaetensis
P. phoebus eisneri
P. phoebus uralensis
P. phoebus zamolodtshikovi PARATYPES
P. phoebus phoebus
P. phoebus alpestris f. extrema
P. phoebus chingizid
P. phoebus amalthea
P. phoebus interpositus
P. phoebus ochotskensis
P. smintheus dakotaensis
P. smintheus montanulus
P. smintheus yukonensis
P. actius cassius
P. actius cato
P. actius brutus
P. jacquemonti rubicundus
P. jacquemonti variabilis
P. jacquemonti pamirus
P. jacquemonti mercurius
P. epaphus abruptus
P. tianschanicus tianschanicus
P. tianschanicus astrictio
P. tianschanicus almaataensis
P. tianschanicus thiseus
P. tianschanicus alexander
P. tianschanicus chimganus
P. tianschanicus shiva
P. tianschanicus superbus
P. nomion korshunovi
P. nomion dis
P. nomion nomion
P. nomion ternejanus
P. nomion minschani
P. orleans janseni
P. clodius sol
P. felderi felderi
P. felderi maui
P. eversmanni eversmanni
P. eversmanni altaicus
P. eversmanni lautus
P. eversmanni wosnesenskii
P. eversmanni polaricus
P. ariadne ariadne
P. ariadne clarus
P. nordmanni christophi
P. mnemosyne dinianus
P. mnemosyne uralka
P. mnemosyne weidingeri
P. mnemosyne craspedontis
P. mnemosyne ucrainica
P. mnemosyne caucasia
P. mnemosyne orientalis
P. mnemosyne falsa
P. stubbendorfi stubbendorfi
P. stubbendorfi typicus
P. stubbendorfi standfussi
P. stubbendorfi amurensis
P. hoenei hoenei
P. glacialis hokkaidensis
P. glacialis glacialis
P. glacialis mikado
P. glacialis naganoensis
P. delphius namanganus
P. delphius namanganus f. styx
P. maximinus maximinus
P. acdestis rupshuanus
P. patricius uzyngyrus
P. patricius kardakoffi
P. patricius priamus
P. staudingeri hissaricus
P. infernalis infernalis
P. infernalis illustris
P. jacobsoni jacobsoni
P. cardinal cardinal
P. charltonius romanovi
P. charltonius vaporosus
P. autocrator autocrator
P. imperator regina
P. imperator musageta
P. imperator rex
P. szechenyii arnoldiana
P. cephalus suzukii
P. cephalus shinkaii
P. tenedius tenedius
P. tenedius vulcanus
P. tenedius britae
P. boedromius boedromius
P. boedromius martiniheringi
P. boedromius hohlbecki
P. boedromius sokolovi
P. simonius simonius
P. simonius nigrificatus
P. simonius grayi
P. simo zarraensis
Hypermnestra helios maxima
Archon apollinus bellargus
A. apollinus apollinus
A. apollinaris apollinaris
Sericinus montela ssp.?
Luehdorfia japonica japonica
L. puziloi inexpecta
Allancastria cerisyi ferdinandi
A. louristana louristana
Zerynthia polyxena thesto
Z. rumina africana
Z. rumina rumina
Z. rumina lusitanica
Z. rumina catalonica
Z. rumina medesicaste
Papilio alexanor voldemar
P. alexanor alexanor
P. machaon aliaska
P. maacki maacki
P. maacki tutanus
P. memnon thunbergi
Iphiclides podalirius podalirius

Also - other butterflies of Eurasia and some moths. Price-list on request by email.
Contact Information
Contact: Alexei Belik
Location: Saratov, Saratov Region
Russian Federation
E-Mail: aleksei.belik@gmail.com
Web Site: http://www.facebook.com/alexei.belik

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