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Date Posted: 11/10/2017
Expires On: 12/10/2017
Ad Number: 41441
Posting IP: (Country: ES)

Ad Information
Category: Coleoptera
Subcategories: Deadstock
I am interested in the coleoptera of the paleartic western and eastern and of North America.
If someone is interested , writing and I will send my complete list of coleopteros.

Agapanthia annularis
Agapanthia irrorata
Agapanthia asphodeli
Agapanthia cardui
Agapanthia villoviridescens
Penichroa fasciata
Certallum ebulinum
Stenopterus ater
Stenopterus mauritanicus
Stenopterus rufus
Chlorophorus trifasciatus
Cholrophorus figuratus
Plagionotus detritus
Plagionotus arcuatus
Plagionotus marcorum
Clytus arietis
Clytus rhamni
Clytus lama
Xilotrechus antilope
Xylotrechus undulatus
Xilotrechus rusticus
Purpuricenus kaelkri
Trichoferus pallidus
Trichoferus fasciculatus
Deilus fugax
Calamobius filum
Phymatodes fasciatum
Phymatodes testaceus
Pyrrhidium sanguineum
Aegomorphus clavipes
Hylotrupes bajulus
Aromia moschata ambrosiaca
Tetropium sp.
Spondylis buprestoides
Alocerus moesiacus A-2
Arophalus sp.
Arophalus ferus
Stenurella aproximans
Stenurella nigra
Stenurella melanura
Pseudovadonia livida
Rutpela maculata
Nustera distigma
Pachitodes cerambyformis
Grammoptera ruficornis
Alosterna tabacicolor
Cortodera humeralis
Leptura aurulenta
Leptura quadrifasciata
Lepturobosca virens
Leptura annularis
Stictoleptura scutellata
Stictoleptura rubra
Cibroleptura stragulata
Gaurotes virginea
Stenocorus meridianus
Rhagium mordax
Rhagium inquisitor
Brachyta interrogationis
Anoplodera sexguttata
Opsilia caerulescens
Opsilia longitarsis
Opsilia malachitica
Oberea oculata
Phytoecia caerulea
Phytoecia rufipes
Phytoecia virgula
Phytoecia nausicae
Musaria affinis
Saperda carcharias A-
Saperda scalaris
Stenostola dubia
Stenostola ferrea
Monochamus galloprovincialis
Monochamus sutor
Monochamus urussovi
Acanthocinus aedilis
Niphona picticornis
Anthaxia dimidiata
Anthaxia hungarica
Anthaxia thalassophila iberica
Anthaxia millefolii polychloros
Anthaxia escutellaris
Anthaxia funerula
Anthaxia quadripuctata
Anthaxia niditula
Anthaxia manca
Anthaxia godeti
Anthaxia hypomelanea
Anthaxia umbellatarun
Anthaxia cyanescens bedeli
Anthaxia salicis
Anthaxia aladin
Anthaxia rugicollis
Coraebus elatus
Acmaeoderella flavofasciata pilivestris
Acmaeoderella flavofasciata flavofasciata
Acmaeoderella adspersula
Acmaeoderella discoidea
Acmaeoderella moroderi
Acmaeodera cylindrica
Acmaeodera bipunctata
Acmaeodera lanuginosa
Acmaeodera degener quatuordecimpunctata
Acmaeodera quadrifasciata prunneri
Cannodis tenebrionis
Cannodis tenebricosa
Buprestis novemmaculata
Sericotrupes niger
Chelotrupes kyliesi
Typhaeus typhaeus
Geotrupes ibericus
Geotrupes stercorosus
Geotrupes stercorarius
Thorectes ferreri
Trypocopris pyrenaeus Var. Pyrenaeus
Cerathophius hoffmannseggi
Bolbelasmus gallicus
Rizothrogus marginipes
Rizothrogus flavicans
Rizothrogus zuzartei
Miltotrogus aequinoctialis
Elaphocera hispalensis
Chasmatopterus sp. ┬┐villosulus?
Ceramida cobosi
Ceramida abderramani for. Celta
Ceramida bodeavi
Paratriodonta cinctipennis
Contact Information
Contact: T. Al.
Location: Sevilla, Sevilla
E-Mail: rosaliaalpina@hotmail.com
Web Site:

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