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Date Posted: 11/10/2017
Expires On: 12/10/2017
Ad Number: 41440
Posting IP: (Country: ES)

Ad Information
Category: Lepidoptera
Subcategories: Deadstock
I'm interested in butterflies and moths from the Paleoartic and North America.
If you are interested in any of these species, please write.

Parnassius glacialis
Luehdorfia japonica
Sericinus montela


Pieris rapae crucivora
Pieris melete
Eurema hecabe mandarina
Eurema hecabe hecabe
Eurema laeta bethesba
Colias erate poliographus
Colias croceus
Euchloe tagis
Euchloe belemia
Euchloe crameri
Anthocharis cardamines
Gonepteryx rhamni
Leptosia nina
Aporia crataegi


Plebejus argus micrargus
Plebejus argus hypochionus
Zizeeria maha argia
Lycaeides argyrognomon praeterinsularis
Tongeia fischeri
Tomares ballus
Lycaena phlaeas
Aricia agestis
Leptotes pirithous
Pseudophilotes abencerragus
Polyommatus icarus
Polyommatus albicans
Celastrina argiolus ladonides
Cacyreus marshalli
Zizeeria knysna
Lycaena virgaureae
Lampides boeticus


Limnas chrysippus
Parantica sita niphonica


Fabriciana adippe pallescens
Argyreus hyperbius
Neptis rivularis aino
Polygonia c-aureum
Polygonia c-album
Vanessa cardui
Araschnia burejana strigosa
Euphydryas aurinia beckeri
Melitaea athalia celadussa
Melitaea phoebe
Sasakia charonda
Limenitis camilla japonica
Limenitis reducta
Neptis pryeri
Argynnis paphia
Argynnis pandora
Aglais io
Brenthis daphne


Ypthima argus
Mycalesis madjicosa
Lethe daina
Lethe sicelis
Harima callipteris
Melanargia ines
Melanargia lachesis
Maniola jurtina
Coenonympha arcania
Pyronia bathseba
Pyronia cecilia
Pyronia tithonus
Aphantopus hyperantus
Brintesia circe
Hipparchia alcyone
Hipparchia semele cadmus


Bibasis aquilina chrysaeglia
Leptalina nuicolor
Parnara guttata
Carcharodus alceae


Zygaena trifolii


Coscinia cribraria
Eilema sp.
Setina flavicans pseudoirrorella
Utetheisa pulchella
Lithosia quadra
Coscinia striata
Miltochrista miniata


Drymonia querna
Thaumetopoea pityocampa
Pterostoma palpina


Lasiocampa trifolli
Euthrix potatoria


Sphinx pinastri


Sarbanissa venusta
Calyptra gruesa ?
Noctuidae sp.
Noctuidae sp. 1
Noctuidae sp. 2
Agrotis puta
Agrotis trux
Aporophyla chioleuca
Aporophyla lueneburgensis
Aporophyla nigra
Agrochola lunosa
Mniotype spinosa
Polymixis dubia
Polymixis lichenea
Spodoptera littoralis
Leucochlaena oditis
Acontia lucida
Pseudozarba bipartita
Helicoverpa armigera
Xestia efflorescens
Anorthoa munda
Anorthoa angustipennis?
Mythimna conigera
Dryobotodes tenebrosa
Amphipoea ussuriensis
Triphaenopsis cinerescens


Compsoptera opacaria
Chesias Legatella
Petrophora convergata
Isturgia miniosaria
Xanthorhoe fluctuata
Scotopteryx peribolata
Nebula ibericata
Charissa mucidaria
Peribatodes umbraria
Adactylotis gesticularia
Pseudoterpna coronillaria
Myrteta angelica
Compsoptera jourdanaria


Glyphodes perspectalis


Clethrophora distincta
Contact Information
Contact: T. Al.
Location: Sevilla, Sevilla
E-Mail: rosaliaalpina@hotmail.com
Web Site:

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