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FOR SALE: sale for zephyrus from China

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Date Posted: 10/03/2017
Expires On: 11/02/2017
Ad Number: 40759
Posting IP: (Country: CN)

Ad Information
Category: Lepidoptera
Subcategories: Deadstock
We sell best quality of sale for Zephyrus from China. If interest please contact me.

Shirozua melpomene (Leech, 1890) $70
Ussuriana fani Koiwaya,1993 $10
Coreana raphaelis (Oberthür, 1880) $60
Gonerilia seraphim (Oberthür, 1886) $10
Gonerilia pesthis Wang & Chou,1998$30
Pseudogonerilia kitawakii $8
Japonica saepestriata (Hewitson, [1865]) $20
Protantigius superans (Oberthür, 1914) $50
Araragi enthea (Janson, 1877)$10
Araragi sugiyamai Matsui, 1989$70
Araragi panda Hsu et Chou, 2001$120
Antigius attilia (Bremer, 1861) $30
Ravenna nivea (Nire, 1920) $60
Howarthia nigricans (Leech,[1893]) $60
Hayashikeia courvoisieri (Oberthür,1908 ) $120
Hayashikeia florianii (Bozano,1996 ), $70
Ratsume orsedice (Butler, [1882])$50
Kameiozephyrus neis (Oberthür, 1914)$15
Iwaseozephyrus bieti (Oberthür, 1886),$70
Teratozephyrus nuwai Koiwaya, 1996$70
Chrysozephyrus smaragdina $10
Chrysozephyrus fujiokai Koiwaya, 2000$80
Chrysozephyrus okamurai Koiwaya, 2000$40
Chrysozephyrus linae Koiwaya, 1993,$60
Chrysozephyrus zoa (de Nicéville, 1889)$60
Chrysozephyrus yoshikoae Koiwaya, 1993$40
Chrysozephyrus brillantinus $40
Chrysozephyrus scintillans (Leech, 1893)$30
Chrysozephyrus esakii (Sonan, 1941) $50
Favonius (Favonius) orientalis $15
Favonius (Favonius) leechi (Riley,1939)$30
Favonius (Favonius) taxila $15
Favonius (Tasogare) saphirinus $20
Favonius (Favonius) ultramarinus $30
Artopoetes pryeri (Murray, 1873) $30
Chrysozephyrus gaoi Koiwaya, 1993, $70
Wagimo asanoi Koiwaya,1999$60
Howarthia caelestis (Leech, 1890)$50
Neozephyrus helenae Howarth, 1957$50
Neozephyrus coruscans (Leech, 1893)$50
Contact Information
Contact: bingming zhang
Location: Yantai, Shandong
E-Mail: 40400820@qq.com
Web Site:

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