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FOR SALE: NA leps for sale or exchange

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Date Posted: 09/10/2017
Expires On: 10/10/2017
Ad Number: 40427
Posting IP: (Country: CA)

Ad Information
Category: Lepidoptera
Subcategories: Deadstock

Here is a list of species i have for sale or trade. I'm searching for parnassius or NA swalawtails (indra ssp, machaon ssp.)

Battus polydamas polycrates Dominican Republic
Battus philenor hirsutus USA pair
Battus philenor USA male
Byasa alcinous Japan males
Papilio brevicauda brevicauda, Natashquan, Canada
Papilio canadensis Canadian tiger swallowtail, Canada males
Papilio eurymedon, Washington, USA males
Papilio indra indra Washington USA males A1 and A1-
Papilio machaon hippocrates Japan pairs
Papilio machaon melitensis (Malta) xpupae pair
Papilio mackii tutanus Japan pair
Papilio multicaudata Washington USA males
Papilio polyxenes asterius Neuville, Canada pairs
Papilio rutulus Idaho, Canada males
Papilio xuthus Japan pair
Papilio zelicaon Washington, USA males
Parnassius clodius claudianus (USA) 1 male
Parnassius smintheus xanthus (USA) males
Colias philodice Canada pairs
Colias interior Canada pairs
Lethe antedon Canada males
Limenitis archippus, Pont-Rouge, Canada males 1 female
Limenitis arthemis, Saint-Raymond, Canada pairs
Nymphalis anthiopa Canada males
Pieris oleracea Canada
Euphydryas phaeton Canada pair and males
Danaus plexippus Canada xpupae pairs fresh
Ctenucha virginica Canada
Papilio machaon bigenerata Italy 1 pair
Hemaris thysbe males
Rare speyeria ssp (nokomis nitrocis, idalia, diana...)
Actias luna, Pont-Rouge, Canada males
Antheraea polyphemus, Pont-Rouge, Canada males
Callosamia promethea, Pont-Rouge, Canada pairs
Catocala amatrix, Canada males
Catocala cara, Valleyfield, Canada males
Catocala relicta, Valleyfield, Canada 1 male
Ceratomia undulosa Canada pairs
Darapsa pholus Canada males
Dryocampa rubicunda, Canada pairs
Eacles imperialis, USA males
Hyalophora cecropia, Canada pairs
Hyalophora columbia, Canada males
hyles galli Canada 1 female
Paonias excaecatus Canada male
Paschysphinx modesta Canada
Automeris Io Canada 2 pairs
Saturnia pyri Italie 1 pair and males
Smerinthus cerysii Canada males
Smerinthus jamaicansis Canada males
Sphinx kalmiae males

cicindela sexguttata pairs
cicindela tranqueberica males
cicindela repanda males
cicindela duodecimguttatta males
cicindela scutellaris males
cicindela longilabri 1 pcs (rare)
carabus nemoralis Canada pairs

Contact me if you're interested and i'll send price asked and pics if you wish.

Many thanks in advance and best regards, Pablo
Contact Information
Contact: P Deslisle
Location: Pont-Rouge, Québec
E-Mail: padesl@hotmail.com
Web Site:

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