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FOR SALE: 500 good butterflies

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Date Posted: 07/06/2017
Expires On: 08/05/2017
Ad Number: 39518
Posting IP: (Country: BR)

Ad Information
Category: Lepidoptera
Subcategories: Deadstock
Lot of 500 good butterflies

500 good specimens of daytime butterflies.
A large well stocked lot with numerous species of great value and lots of variety.
It includes:

Morpho sp
Caligo sp
Many species of the family Nymphalidae
Myscelia sp
Epiphile sp
Doxocopa sp
Prepona sp
Consul sp
Marpesia sp
Hypanartia lethe
Hypanartia sp
Siproeta sp
Tegosa sp
Vanessa braziliensis
Vanessa sp
Anartia amathea
Anartia sp
Biblis hyperia
Hamadryas fornax
Hamadryas sp
Dynamine anubis
Dynamine tithia
Dynamine sp
Diaethria sp
Haematera pyrame
Opsiphanes sp
Adelpha sp
Smyrna sp
Chlosyne sp

Hermeuptychia sp
Paryphthimoides sp
Pareuptychia sp
Taygetis sp

Danaus sp

Actinote sp
Dryas sp
Dione sp
Heliconius sp
Ficus sp

Varied and good species of Pieridae
Dismorphia sp
Lieinix sp
Pseudopieris sp
Enantia sp
Pyrisitia sp
Anteos sp
Phebis sp
Hesperocharis sp
Ascia sp
Eurema sp
Many more lost ............

Hypaurotis sp
Habrodais sp
Enos sp
Pseudolycaena sp
Theritas sp
Arawacus sp
Satyrium sp
Calycopis calus
Calycopis sp

Euselasia sp
Eunogyra sp
Mesosemia sp
Semomesia sp
Hyphilaria sp
many more.........

Parides sp

Castnia sp

Many different species of Ithomiinae

Good and rare hesperiidae

And many more but the list would be very long. I can take photos by email

I make some mentions to specific species and in others I name genera or families of which I have several species.
It is a good lot very diverse varied and good specimens.
At a good price, for collectors, merchants or lovers of butterflies.

Forms of Payment: By Paypal.

International Shipping: Totally Free. We cover all necessary shipping and document costs.
Contact Information
Contact: Robert Wuay
Location: Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo 01000
E-Mail: robertwuay123@gmail.com
Web Site:

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