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FOR SALE: Rutelinae list up date !
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Date Posted: 06/05/2017
Expires On: 07/05/2017
Ad Number: 39024
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Ad Information
Category: Coleoptera
Subcategories: Deadstock
I have a new list of Rutelinae from America updating:

Tribu anoplognathini
Platycoelia inflata
Platycoelia selanderi
Platycoelia pomacea
Platycoelia flavostriata
Phalangogonia lacordairei
Hylamorpha elegans

Tribu Rutelini
Subtribu areodina
Areoda banski
Areoda espiritosantensis (very rare)
Areoda leachi
Byrsopolis castaneus
Oplognathus helmreicheni
Parachrysina parapatrica (pinned)

Tribu Anatistini
Spodochlamys flavofemorata (Venezuela)
Spodochlamys iheringi (Brasil)
Spodochlamys latipes
Spodochlamys mirabilis

Subtribu Heterosternina
Heterosternus buprestoides 55mm+
Heterosternus buprestoides 45mm+
Heterosternus oberthueri
Macropoidelimus mniszechi
Macropoides crassipes
Mesostermus halffteri
Paraheterosternus ludeckei
Parisolea pallida
Plesiosternus setosus
Homoiosternus canorum (top rare) Mexico

Subtribe Rutelina
Chrysina adelaida, Mexico
Chrysina adolphi
Chrysina alfredolaui, Guatemala
Chrysina aurofoveata, Mexico
Chrysina badeni, Mexico
Chrysina erubescens, Mexico
Chrysina expansa
Chrysina giesberti
Chrysina karschi
Chrysina lacordairei
Chrysina macropus, Mexico
Chrysina orizabae green form, MX
Chrysina orizabae green variation, MX
Chrysina orizabae red form (rare), MX
Chrysina quiche, Guatemala
Chrysina rodriguezi
Chrysina sallei, Mexico
Chrysina strasseni
Chrysina taylori, Mexico
Chrysina xalixteca, Mexico
Chyrsina chalchiutli, Mexico
Chysina zapoteca, Mexico

Subtribu Pelidnotina
Chalcoplethis kirbyi kirbyi
Chalcoplethis kirbyi kirbyi
Chalcoplethis kirbyi misionesensis (red form)
Chalcoplethis kirbyi misionesensis (red form)
Chrysophora chrysochlora
Ectinoplectron oryctoides
Epichalcoplethis sanctijacobi
Epichalcoplethis sanctijacobi x 50 ex forartwork
Epichalcoplethis chamaeleon
Epichalcoplethis velutipes (pinned)
Epichalcoplethis richteri(Ms)
Epichalcoplethis ledezmaae(S.Cruz)
Homonyx chalceus bahianus (Bahia - Brazil)
Homonyx argentinus
Homothermon praemorosus
Mesomerodon spinipenne

Pelidnota alliacea
Pelidnota ancilla
Pelidnota arnaudi = aeruginosa
Pelidnota burmeisteri (very rare)
Pelidnota burmeisteri (very rare)
Pelidnota carlettii
Pelidnota ch. septentrionalis (F.white)
Pelidnota ch. chalcothorax
Pelidnota championi
Pelidnota crassipes
Pelidnota cuprea
Pelidnota cyanipes
Pelidnota frommeri
Pelidnota fusciventris lecourti
Pelidnota glaberrima
Pelidnota gracilis wagneri
Pelidnota herbacea
Pelidnota liturella
Pelidnota lucae
Pelidnota lugubris
Pelidnota nitescens
Pelidnota osculati
Pelidnota paraguayensis
Pelidnota pulchella
Pelidnota rugulosa
Pelidnota semiaurata
Pelidnota simoensi
Pelidnota sordida
Pelidnota strigosa
Pelidnota sumptuosa BLUE var.
Pelidnota sumptuosa green var
Pelidnota sumptuosa red var
Pelidnota testaceovirens testaceovierens
Pelidnota testaceovirens vitipennis
Pelidnota uncinata
Pelidnota unicolor
Pelidnota virescens
Pelidnota viticollis
Pelidnota xanthospila
Pseudogeniates cordobaensis very rare
Xenopelidnota anomala
Oogenius lariosae

Subtribu anticheirina
Lagochile bipunctacta
Lagochile peruana yungasensis
Lagochile subandina
Lagochile trigona
Lagochile collaris

Macraspis clavata
Macraspis cribrata
Macraspis chrysis
Macraspis festiva
Macraspis forsteri
Macraspis testaceipennis
Macraspis martinezi
Calomacraspis haroldi (Venezuela)
Chlorota aulica (RJ, Brazil, Rare)
Chlorota columbica boliviana
Chlorota cuprea (RJ, Brazil, rare)
Chlorota limbaticolis
Crathoplus squamiferus
Crathoplus squamiferus
Pseudodorysthetus calcaratus
Telaugis aenescens(Para,Brazil)
Rutela laeta
Rutela tricolorea
Rutela lineola

SubFamily Melolonthinae

Modialis prasinella
Contact Information
Contact: Javier Lambert
Location: -, -
E-Mail: dynastes@hotmail.es
Web Site:

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